MSF/JD Dual Degree

Combine legal expertise and high-level financial aptitude in this expedited program that can be completed in four years. Suffolk’s MSF/JD dual degree prepares you to be successful in a world where legal and business responsibilities are intertwined.

Having a combined expertise in law and finance will prepare you for a career in finance and securities law, corporate law, intellectual property protection, or regulatory compliance. Suffolk’s program will seamlessly incorporate the legal and business courses into a balanced curriculum for your studies.

Paying for Graduate School

Cost Per Credit (2018-2019)


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: March 15 (priority), then rolling
Spring Semester: October 15 (priority), then rolling
Summer Semester: April 1 (priority), then rolling
Learn about the advantages of priority applications.

Application Materials

Note: Students must have passed a university-level statistics course in the past five years or have equivalent industry experience.

How to Apply

Students applying to this program must meet the admissions requirements for both the JD and the MSF programs.

New Students

Submit your JD/MSF application to the Law School only. If accepted to the MSF/JD, the LSAT is substituted for the GMAT or GRE score.

Current Law Students

Apply to the MSF portion of the MSF/JD dual degree through the Graduate Admission Office, indicating you’re already in the Suffolk Law program

Current MSF Students

Apply to the Law School for the MSF/JD, indicating you’re already in the Suffolk MSF Program.

Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.

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