Certificate in Financial Planning

This non-degree program is offered as a flexible and affordable program for working professionals whose responsibilities are currently or expected to be related to financial planning. This certificate program requires the completion of the eight courses detailed here (provided that the students demonstrate proficiency in prerequisites) with a “pass” grade.

US News and World Report Best Undergraduate Business Programs, 2022-2023 logoThese eight courses cover the foundation topics required by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board. Students may apply for admission in fall, spring, or summer sessions. Upon completion of this certificate program, the students are eligible to take the CFP exam administered by the CFP Board, which is an integral part of the prestigious CFP certification process. For more information about the CFP exam, please refer to www.cfp.net.

Admission to the Certificate Program in Financial Planning requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Students applying for admission should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office (617-573-8460) for more information. Those who have already taken the required courses detailed here from an accredited institution may waive a maximum of three courses.

Courses & Requirements

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