In Suffolk University's CAHME-accredited healthcare administration programs, you'll learn from leaders in Boston's world-class healthcare system through a curriculum that's integrated with mentors, internships, guest speakers, site visits and hands-on experiences.

The Princeton Review: Best Business Schools, 2022These programs are constantly updated to prepare you for the ever-changing healthcare industry with comprehensive skills in leadership and ethics, innovation, data analytics, operations, and financial and strategic management. The curricula are tailored to meet the unique needs of students with little or no experience in healthcare administration as well as those currently working in healthcare and seeking to advance their careers with new knowledge and skills.

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MHA Program Aims

Building on the missions of Suffolk University and the Sawyer Business School for delivering excellence in education and scholarship, the Healthcare Administration Programs MHA, MBA/Health and MPA with a concentration in Healthcare provide powerful and enduring learning experiences for students aspiring to lead and manage healthcare organizations of compassion, quality, and value in the 21st Century.

The Healthcare Administration Programs are designed to nurture each student's potential as a healthcare leader and/or manager by engaging them in the key issues, challenges, opportunities, and requirements for success in the healthcare industry. Through personal attention to each student and cutting-edge academic and hands-on learning, students develop the operational and strategic skills needed to transform organizations, build relationships, and strengthen organizational performance.

Our mission is to improve the performance of healthcare organizations and the health of the communities they serve. We are committed to empowering current and future healthcare managers with creative and evidence-driven approaches to management.

Suffolk University will have the preferred MHA Program in the Northeastern United States. We will serve a diverse group of students who are committed to their professional development and success as well as to being agents of innovation and transformation who are improving the healthcare delivery system and the health of communities. Our MHA Program will take graduate education to new levels of performance and creativity by providing inspiring and innovative learning experiences in classrooms and in healthcare organizations, utilizing our talented faculty members as well as healthcare professionals who serve our students.


We nurture our true selves and embrace our uniqueness as individuals. We are self-aware, and therefore, we embrace our strengths, but we do not shy away from our weaknesses. We are sincere in our relationships with our colleagues, students, and the community we serve.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is about personal and professional growth. More than just acquiring new skills, it’s about lifelong learning from our experiences and choosing to see challenges as a path to success.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and creative thinking are marked by the thorough exploration of healthcare issues, the judicious weighing of varying types of evidence, and the capacity for developing imaginative and divergent solutions.

Engagement with the Healthcare Community

We actively promote relationships with the healthcare community to exchange knowledge and provide pathways for mentorship, experiential learning, and career development. We engage with our students, alumni, and the broader community in collaborative relationships that promote local and global connections enhancing learning and scholarship.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are committed to eliminating inequities in our society. We believe in an inclusive community where diversity is valued and celebrated, and every human being is given an equal opportunity to succeed. We come together to achieve our mission of improving healthcare through mutual respect and an appreciation of our unique identities and cultures.

View the MHA Core Competencies in the Suffolk University Graduate Catalog.


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