Marketing trends are changing rapidly. How will you stay ahead in a dynamic industry?

Marketing is both a science and an art, and here at Suffolk we address all aspects of a field that's always changing and leaving stagnant ideas behind.

If you want to thrive in this fast-paced field, you’ll need to be equal parts creative and tech-savvy. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, Suffolk’s marketing programs combine forward-thinking coursework and hands-on learning that cover industry trends, inspire solutions to real-world challenges, and prepare you to succeed in the world’s leading marketing agencies—some of which are just steps from our campus.

"Suffolk's MS in Marketing degree provides in-depth marketing training you can't get with a traditional MBA. You'll build practical experience in consumer behavior, market research, and market strategy, as well as expertise in specialized area like product management or global marketing."
Michael Behnam, MBA, PhD Associate Dean/Dean of Graduate Programs



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