Balloti learning center

As an economics major, you’ll be part of a vibrant community of students, scholars, and professors who synthesize data to solve social issues and substantiate policy decisions. You’ll be treated like a colleague: Expect to work alongside professors on key research and policy issues; many of our scholars are frequently called on to provide policy advice and media commentary.

Our program provides a broad study of economics, from micro- and macroeconomics to statistics. With these skills, you can embark on a career in international relations, finance, government, or public policy.

As an economics major, you’ll learn to think logically to solve problems. You’ll also use observations and datasets to make important inferences. You’ll learn to state your ideas clearly and concisely in written assignments and oral presentations. Plus, you’ll discover how to analyze issues like crime, unemployment, inflation, taxes, sports, and voting behavior using economic tools and methods.