Student Athletes

As a student-athlete, we know it can be hard to manage your academics and meet your team commitments. We'll help you develop a plan to make it work.

On this page, you'll find information specifically for our student-athletes and you can learn more about our designated course planning appointments, understanding faculty expectations, accessing campus resources, and how to work out scheduling conflict you may encounter.

Pre-Registration Schedule Building

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Center has created a series of Athlete Advising workshops for the upcoming semester.

During the workshop, we will cover instructions for registration approval and begin building a wishlist that will fit in with your practice and game schedules.

Fall 2019 Workshops

Location: Ridgeway Gymnasium
Time: TBA

To Schedule an Appointment with a UAAC Advisor:

  • Log into your Navigate account to schedule an in-person appointment
  • Call the Division of Student Success at 617-573-8034 or visit the 9th floor of 73 Tremont

Make sure to review your program evaluation and create a tentative schedule

Academic Expectations

You are expected to maintain open communication with your faculty members throughout the semester.

To help you lay the groundwork for a successful relationship with your professors, Suffolk's "Athlete Academic Awareness Initiative" outlines your academic responsibilities as a student-athlete.

The purpose of this contract is to promote open communication between athletes and faculty to ensure that both athletic and academic expectations are met. Consult the Student-Athlete Handbook [PDF] for more information.

For questions, you or your professor may contact the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center call 617-573-8034.

Academic Resources

Center for Learning & Academic Success (CLAS), for individual and group tutoring, study sessions, academic coaching, and time-management assistance.

Health, Wellness & Counseling, for injuries, mental health counseling, and other concerns about wellness.

Disability Services, for assistance with short-term and long-term physical and learning disabilities and academic accommodations.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Center, for multi-year academic planning, study abroad planning, choosing, and changing majors.