Graduate Certificate in State & Local Government

This graduate certificate covers the changing dynamics of government and the leadership challenges this landscape presents. You’ll get a look into governmental management functions with regard to finance, human resources, and organizational leadership.

The Suffolk Graduate Certificate in State and Local Government (GCSLG) will prepare you to serve as an effective leader within your area of operation. Go well beyond classroom learning with this unique program, as you’ll be ready to respond to the changing dynamics of government. The GCSLG covers a wide range of topics including finance, human resources, and organizational leadership and change.

You can complete the program part-time in as few as two semesters. If you apply to the MPA within a year of completing this certificate, and had a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA, you won’t need to take the GRE or GMAT to enroll in the master's program.

Suffolk's Graduate Certificate in State and Local Government 

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: April 15 (priority), then rolling
Spring Semester: October 15 (priority), then rolling
Summer Semester: April 1 (priority), then rolling
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Application Materials

Cost of Graduate Study at Suffolk

Cost Per Credit (2020-2021) $1,213

Waiver/Transfer Policy

Graduate certificate courses, if waived, will need to be substituted with an approved elective. To substitute an approved elective for a required course, a student must have successfully completed equivalent academic coursework at the undergraduate/graduate level in the five years prior to matriculation ("B" or better) and provide official transcripts (with English translations, if applicable).

Candidates who apply within one year of completing their graduate certificate will have applicable courses applied to a Sawyer Business School (SBS) graduate degree program in the same discipline as the certificate as long as a grade of "B" or better was earned in that course.

Candidates who apply beyond one year of from a certificate program outside their discipline will have coursework evaluated on a case by case basis for relevancy, current degree requirements, and current Sawyer Business School waiver and transfer policies.

Transfer credits from the graduate certificate must have an earned grade of "B" or better and have been taken within five years prior to entering a SBS graduate degree program. However, at the discretion of the program director, some courses may not be transferred if the subject material has changed significantly since completion.

Courses & Requirements

Learn more about the classes, requirements, and different options available to complete the program.

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