Faculty - Public Administration

Your faculty are accomplished professionals in public service, working in the areas of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Program, the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, and the Senate. Others are researching topics that include public safety, public budgeting, labor law, and education policy. Find your new Suffolk mentors in public administration here.

Full-Time Faculty

Douglas Snow

Brenda J. Bond

Brendan F. Burke

Lauren Hajjar 

Marie (Sandy) Matava

Linda Melconian 

Aimee L. Williamson


Sonia L. Alleyne
BS, Northeastern University
MA, Suffolk University

Mark Andrews
BA, University of Massachusetts
MA, Suffolk University

Leann Baldwin
BA, MS, Suffolk University

Sandy Cades
BS, University of Pennsylvania
MBA, Boston University

Lorraine Carli
BA, Northeastern University
MA, University of Massachusetts

Ronald Corbett
AB, Harvard University
EdD, University of Massachusetts
MS, Northeastern University

David Farrag
JD, Suffolk University
MPA, Suffolk University
BS, Northeastern University

Douglas Gutro
BS, University of Massachusetts
MPA, Suffolk University

Jenny Joseph-Hayle
BA, San Francisco State University
MPA, Suffolk University

Nancy London
BA, MA, Ohio State University

Bernard Lynch
BS, University of Lowell
MPA, University of Massachusetts

Eric Mitchell
BA, Tufts University
MS, MPA, Suffolk University

Donna Morrison
MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
BS, BA, University of South Florida

Nicole Rivers
BS, Bridgewater State College
MPA, Suffolk University

In Memoriam

Richard H. Beinecke

Brenda Bond, chair of the Institute for Public Service, has spent 20 years researching community-police relations. She's now working with the Lowell Police Department to examine the relationship between police and community and test models for improvement.
Brenda Bond, MA, PhD
How is public money allocated? It’s a question that drives Professor Snow’s research. And it’s a topic that’s central to many MPA classes.Whether Professor Snow is studying rainy day funds or the budgeting strategies of local schools, his research provides a wealth of examples and cases that add depth to class discussions.
Douglas Snow, MPA, PhD

Professor Williamson's research spans many areas, ranging from organizational change and administrative reform to leadership. Recently, she has studied the the crisis management of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and edited abstracts on the public response to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Aimee Williamson, MPA, PhD