SALT is a free resource available to Suffolk University students and alumni helping them to make smart financial choices for life. Students may obtain advice on all financial matters pre- and post-college from experts in financial literacy. The opportunity for one-on-one financial counseling is available. Topics include budgeting, loan repayment, and credit. Students also have access to scholarship listings and student loan counselors for help with repayment.

Quick Facts

  • Suffolk has over 3,600 registered SALT users as of September 2017
  • SALT memberships are always FREE & never expire! (Not even after graduation!)
  • Most popular SALT resources used by Suffolk students:
  1. Repayment Navigator
  2. Scholarship Search Tool
  3. Know What You Owe Tool
  • You do not need to be a financial aid applicant to benefit from SALT!
  • Your SALT membership will never expire, not even after graduation.
  • SALT is provided by American Student Assistance (ASA), a 56-year old nonprofit that empowers college students & alumni to successfully manage & repay their student loan debt.

To get started, please register at SALT Money.