Partner with MBA Students

The Sawyer Business School has a completely redefined MBA—one that’s powered by real-world experience within Boston’s leading industries of finance, healthcare, biotech, and high-tech start-ups.

Built on a foundation of collaboration, innovation, immersion, and leadership, the Suffolk MBA puts students inside Boston’s world-class companies and in front of the executives who got them there.

Connect with the Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Now you have a chance to join Suffolk’s growing network of top companies that work directly with our MBA students—either in the classroom or at your own organization. We’ll help you determine the best way to bring value to both you and our students. For instance, you can:

  • Lead an interactive discussion in your area of expertise
  • Challenge students to develop solutions to a current business scenario you have
  • Invite students to solve a more complex business challenge over the course of several days or a semester. This can include visiting your organization to provide a comprehensive perspective of the issue.

We welcome all of your ideas for collaboration—we want to build a win-win relationship.

How Can Our Students Help You?

Suffolk MBA students are well-prepared to help you solve a wide variety of business challenges. Some companies need help leveraging Boston's energy, ideas, and funding. Others are dealing with disruption, struggling with collaborative challenges, or facing leadership issues. Whatever your problem is, Suffolk MBA students are ready to roll up their sleeves and help you find innovative solutions.

Benefits of Collaboration

  • Elicit fresh ideas and new business perspectives.
  • Obtain valuable research input from the class.
  • Meet students and identify potential candidates for your organization.


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