Faculty - MBA

Faculty Spotlight

Our faculty are more than just teachers. They are researchers; they are industry professionals; and most of all, they are mentors. They form lasting relationships with students, offering academic support, career guidance, and access to professional networks.

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Jodi Detjen, MA

Professor Jodi Detjen is the director of Suffolk's MBA programs. She is the co-founder of Orange Grove Consulting, which is an innovative training and leadership development consultancy focused on helping women and organizations eliminate outdated “rules” that stifle creativity and innovation. She also co-authored The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life.

Ken Hung, MS, PhD

Professor Ken Hung is chair of Suffolk's Information Systems and Operations Management Department. Born in Taiwan, raised in Singapore, and with years of consulting experience in the United States, Professor Hung's expertise focuses on the way international firms work together to move goods around the globe.

Regina O'Neill, MBA, PhD

Professor Regina O’Neill, an expert in career planning, studies mentoring relationships and gender issues in the workplace. She is particularly interested in the many factors that can inhibit or facilitate women's careers.