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Whether you want to develop a new expertise, position yourself for a promotion, or prepare to re-enter the job market, the Suffolk MBA concentrations allow you to tailor your degree to your career goals. Learn more in the Graduate Academic Catalog

Concentration Options

The MBA Concentration in Accounting Principles introduces students to generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP), financial statements, regulatory and reporting requirements, and compliance issues. Students can graduate with a keen understanding of budgeting processes, performance evaluation, and assessment of operational expenses and feel ready to prepare financial records for their organization.

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In order to survive in our competitive, modern economy, organizations need to manage various data resources, analyze data and visualize the results to improve performance management, optimize customer relations, monitor business activity, and support decision making. The market has a high demand for professionals with a solid understanding of data management and analysis, up-to-date knowledge on practical tools to solve business problems in various functional areas, e.g. marketing, finance, accounting and healthcare.

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This concentration encourages students to select 3 (from 7) courses that may be combined to provide knowledge about creativity, innovation, and organizational change all in an entrepreneurial context of creating something new and valuable.

People who wish to be change makers by either starting their own businesses, driving product and service changes in large corporations or in the public service/social innovation space may find this concentration provides a series of course offerings that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. Courses in start-ups, design and crowdfunding can be leveraged into development and launch of successful business opportunities. Courses in corporate entrepreneurship and design may be valuable to people seeking to bring new solutions to their organizations no-matter what functional discipline they choose. Courses in corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and green and sustainable business may help to better inform managers (across disciplines) of the ways that companies are providing for the needs of their customers in the ever competitive international business arena.

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Gain the skills necessary to protect your business from loss due to fraud, theft, and malfeasance. The concentration in forensics takes a three-pronged approach. First, you will learn about white collar crime in general, and financial statement fraud in particular. You will explore the definition of fraud, how we prevent it, and how we detect it. Then, you will learn how to protect your company.

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Finance is evolving quickly, and you want to do more than just keep pace. You want to be at the forefront of change, ready to lead. With this concentration, you can explore corporate finance, portfolio management, investment banking, or international finance.

Finance gives you a wide choice of potentially rewarding careers - whether it's working in a corporation, a financial institution, or an investment bank.  Finance permeates all facets of business, government, and our personal lives, offering finance professionals the opportunity to have a real impact on the world around them.

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Health sector industries are undergoing revolutionary change. Across these industries, people are harnessing new technology and data as they find better ways to address the health needs of growing and aging populations. The Health Sector Management concentration provides MBA students an introduction to the healthcare system and to selected health sector trends and business practices in technology and big data.

Students who pursue this concentration may build a solid foundation in healthcare and health-related businesses. These industries employ more people than nearly any other sector and, over the next decade, the number of jobs is expected to increase more rapidly than for most other industries. Demand for new business talent is strong. While this sector is extraordinarily complex, this concentration can help you make sense of the healthcare world and to learn how you can make a positive difference.

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Effective marketing management is critical to the success of any business. And marketing is a field that is evolving rapidly with the onset of globalization, new technologies, and modern lifestyles. Having expertise in areas such as consumer behavior, strategy, and research methods can increase your marketing career opportunities.

Marketing management positions in the Boston/New England area are seeing fast growth now, according to Boston Magazine. Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in job growth over the next 10 years. This Marketing Concentration can help you establish a strong foundation for career success in this exciting and dynamic field.

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This concentration offers students deep knowledge, skills and insights regarding the process of conducting valid and reliable research to yield market intelligence necessary for strategic decision-making. Core topics in quantitative research are covered along with skill building with SPSS for data analysis. Students can gain experience with a range of qualitative methods, increasingly important as in-depth, nuanced insights often play a critical role in successful marketing strategy.

Demand for marketing intelligence and analytics is high in most industries today. Job growth for Market Researchers is projected to increase 23% through 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Learn by doing experiential research projects for real business clients. Your experiences can give you a unique educational profile likely to get attention in the fast growing job market.

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Designed for MBA students who want to approach the study of finance through a quantitative lens, this concentration allows students to connect mathematical modeling with key financial topics including Risk Management, Data Analytics, Corporate Finance, and Derivatives.

The field of Finance continues to demand that professionals have a strong quantitative skill set. Employees with analytic skills are essential for any company or organization hoping to better manage risk, understand the implications of their decisions, and serve the needs of the clients.

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This concentration gives you the tools to understand and analyze business organizations in a holistic way as they relate to their competitive and institutional contexts. You will understand how firms mobilize and reinvent their resources, outperform competition, and deliver superior performance to shareholders and other key stakeholders.

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This concentration offers the fundamental principles, best practices, and practical skills necessary to implement integrated solutions to improve overall supply chain performance.

No company can do better than its supply chain, a complex network of organizations such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers that collaboratively manage transformation processes to deliver final products/services to customers. Managing a supply chain is a tremendous challenge for most firms which, paradoxically, can also be a crucial source of competitive advantage. A broad range of career opportunities are available in diverse areas such as sourcing, manufacturing/service operations, inventory, transportation, project management and information systems.

The three essential courses will cover all relevant topics with a hand-on approach. Together with the current MBA curriculum, nearly all relevant skills will be addressed.

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