Student in philosophy class

What is the true nature of right and wrong? What is justice? Which beliefs, values, and experiences sustain meaningful, fulfilling existence? What are the principles of critical thinking and argumentation that help us address these questions?

The Department of Philosophy offers a variety of courses from logic to philosophy of art, from existentialism to environmental ethics, from feminism to philosophy of race and gender. We also feature courses outside the western tradition, including Chinese philosophy, Buddhism, African philosophy, and Native American religion. In the advanced seminars students delve into the works of the great philosophers -- Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Heidegger, Wittgenstein and others.

Service learning courses, internships, and study tours enhance our students’ academic experience, bringing together theory and practice. Our students’ careers culminate in the Senior Symposium, a banquet where the graduating class presents their work to faculty and alumni in an atmosphere of celebration.

Preparing for a Career

Every career requires logic, critical thinking, reasoning, and sharp analytical skills. Philosophy is at the heart of these concepts. Our graduates have launched careers in journalism, politics, academia, research, medicine, and law. The major also offers a robust foundation for graduate work. Top speakers visit campus regularly to discuss philosophical issues as they relate to current events, and these talks are a key way to apply your knowledge to the real world. Human rights pioneer Dr. Shrin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize winner, was recently one of our distinguished visiting scholars.

Suffolk is also home to a branch of Phi Sigma Tau, the National Honor Society for Philosophy.