The Suffolk Transnational Law Review is strongly committed to serving as an academic forum. The Review seeks to produce thought-provoking and insightful academic commentary on emerging issues in international law.

The Review strives to build and maintain a staff that reflects the rich diversity of Suffolk University Law School. The Review encourages all interested and qualified law students to apply for membership.

Membership on the Suffolk Transnational Law Review is considered a prestigious accomplishment.  Suffolk Transnational Law Review affords its members the opportunity to distinguish their legal academic careers from those of their colleagues by improving their editing, legal writing, and researching skills, while instilling self-discipline, self-motivation, and professionalism.  Membership is limited to second and third year day law students as well as third and fourth year evening students.  Transnational members may receive one to two credits per semester and satisfy Suffolk Law School's Legal writing requirement.

Staff members in their first year on Transnational write Notes, Book Reviews, or Case Comments. A Note is an in-depth legal analysis of an international legal issue. A Book Review examines recent publications addressing areas of international law. A Case Comment studies a recent international law decision in detail and analyzes the context of the holding and the decision's potential impact.

Transnational's Editorial Board is comprised of members in their second year with Transnational who supervise and edit staff members' works and facilitate the development of staff members' research, writing, and analytical skills. The Executive Board is comprised of ten students in their second year with Transnational who manage and direct the operations of the journal.

Transnational Law Review membership process is two fold.  A law student may become a member of the Review either through an automatic bid or through the Write-on Competition.

Automatic Bid

The top-ranked students (3) in each of the first-year day and the second-year evening sections will receive an invitation to join without competing in the closed write-on competition.

Compete On

All Suffolk University Law School students are encouraged to participate within the Write-on Competition.  Selection preference is given to first and second year day students as well as third and fourth year evening students in the top 20% of their section.