Thank you to all who attended the CCE's 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Congratulations again to our Honoree, Maura Sullivan, MPA ’10.

We hope you enjoyed connecting and celebrating the Center for Community Engagement (formerly known as S.O.U.L.S.) at Suffolk!

For those of you who weren’t able to attend—we missed you!

We hope you continue to stay connected to Suffolk and the CCE by:

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Thank you for celebrating 25 years, and we look forward to continuing to build stronger communities with you for the next year.

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Old image of students working on alternate spring break for Habitat for Humanity

Center for Community Engagement 25th Anniversary

Transcript 00:10 (gentle music)
00:12 <v Narrator 1>Community.</v <v Narrator 2>Joy.</v
00:14 <v Narrator 3>Empowerment.</v
00:15 <v Narrator 4>Transformational.</v
00:16 <v Narrator 5>Enrichment.</v <v Narrator 6>Connections.</v
00:18 <v [Narrator 7>And Journey.</v <v Narrator 8>Perspective.</v
00:19 <v Narrator 9>Empathy.</v
00:20 <v Narrator 10>Overwhelmingly meaningful.</v
00:22 <v Narrator 11>Thoughtful.</v <v Narrator 12>Love.</v
00:24 <v Narrator 13>Belonging.</v <v Narrator 14>Life changing.</v
00:29 <v Amy>Why is community engagement important?</v
00:31 The ability to see beyond yourself,
00:33 to understand yourself and see how you engage with others
00:37 and the impact you can have on your community
00:40 is one of the biggest things
00:41 you can leave higher education with.
00:43 <v Tom>Suffolk was definitely one of the first</v
00:45 to create this college based service program
00:49 with alternative breaks and placement sites in the city
00:52 and a day of service.
00:53 We were really ahead of our time.
00:55 <v ->Center for Community Engagement</v
00:57 reflects a deep commitment over time
01:00 and represents an evolution of the work
01:02 that started back in the 80s and 90s
01:05 as a student volunteerism movement,
01:06 and then moved into service learning
01:09 and the broader frame to look at community
01:12 and civic engagement in a really holistic way.
01:15 <v Sherry>Prior to SOULS starting,</v
01:17 students were expressing interest
01:18 in more organized opportunities
01:21 to be involved in the greater community.
01:23 We had a steering committee of students
01:25 to direct the growth of the organization
01:27 and to express their interests.
01:29 <v ->We knew that we needed to provide</v
01:32 that place for students, you know, to grow,
01:34 to connect to the community and in whatever small way
01:38 to help shape who they are
01:40 as active members of the community.
01:44 <v ->We were here with the hopes of planting seeds</v
01:48 in students that, you know, would grow,
01:51 you know, far beyond the time that they spent with us.
01:53 <v ->What the CCE did so well,</v
01:56 what kept me there for so long was putting relationships,
01:59 relationship building above everything else.
02:02 We did a ton of social justice learning
02:05 to make sure that we are approaching spaces
02:08 in a way that is respectful
02:09 and puts the community and community members first.
02:12 <v ->Suffolk is a community member,</v
02:15 like we are truly embedded and able through this office,
02:19 and you know, throughout the years to really honor
02:23 and be consistent with the way that we show up
02:25 in those partnerships so that our partners feel like
02:27 they're part of our community as well.
02:29 <v ->Being a Suffolk student, you're downtown,</v
02:31 you're confronted with people who are unhoused.
02:34 And the Wednesday Night Supper Club
02:36 is an opportunity to get a sense
02:38 of the humanity of these people
02:40 and that we should be treating them with respect,
02:42 recognizing that they're out there
02:44 and that they're facing challenges.
02:45 <v ->Service learning is important</v
02:47 because students get to have hands-on
02:50 experiencing a solution, interfacing with the client
02:54 and the population that they serve.
02:56 And so that's a unique experience, right?
02:59 And so they can read about an issue,
03:02 but actually being part of the solution is very important.
03:06 <v Erin>I will always remember Carolina and Tim</v
03:09 telling us that you must really be educated
03:12 on the issues at hand that are compacting and compounding
03:16 and systemically perpetuating these challenges in society,
03:20 and really deeply reflect afterwards on yourself.
03:23 <v ->Becoming that reflective person is a critical part</v
03:28 of service learning and community engagement
03:30 because it's not about saving.
03:32 It's not about fixing.
03:34 It's not about having the expertise.
03:36 It's about being with.
03:38 Having the opportunity to help others develop that awareness
03:42 is really, really powerful and such a testament to Suffolk.
03:46 <v ->The CCE taught me literally everything I know today,</v
03:52 compassion, active listening,
03:55 turning a bad day into a good day
03:56 just by doing like one small thing for one person.
03:59 <v Lindsay>I definitely learned how to be a leader,</v
04:02 how to be empathetic towards others
04:03 who may not be in the same place that you are.
04:08 <v ->The Center for Community Engagement</v
04:10 gives you the opportunity to learn
04:12 about yourself as a leader, find your own voice.
04:15 <v Tim>Seeing students after coming back from, you know,</v
04:18 something like an ASB trip and exploring like, you know,
04:22 hey, how do I keep this going in my own life
04:25 or in my own community here in Boston?
04:27 That was always rewarding, watching students use that
04:30 as a launching pad for growth and curiosity,
04:34 wanting to learn more and be involved and make a difference.
04:38 <v ->What I'm most proud of was going to Cambodia</v
04:41 and working with Habitat with Humanity.
04:43 That was such a life-changing experience for me.
04:47 It just really pushed me to wanna do what I do today,
04:51 working in community engagement and giving back.
04:55 <v ->The center really changed me 'cause I went to to Myanmar</v
04:57 on the alternative winter break,
04:59 and my whole perspective on the world changed.
05:02 After that trip, I just wanted to make a difference.
05:05 <v ->Through the service after hours,</v
05:06 I got to work with students
05:07 before they even came to Suffolk,
05:09 giving them an opportunity for them
05:11 to connect with the community,
05:13 a pathway to get into a leadership position.
05:15 That was inspiring to me.
05:17 <v ->One thing that the CCE really helped me just realize</v
05:22 was I didn't have to have a career
05:25 directly at a nonprofit in order to still make a difference.
05:30 I find ways within my company to make impact.
05:33 I'm able in my free time to still volunteer,
05:37 still get back to causes that mean a lot to me.
05:39 <v ->I have no idea what I'd be doing if SOULS hadn't existed</v
05:42 because they literally created the roadmap for me
05:45 of like what I could do.
05:47 Somebody who goes to the Sawyer Business School,
05:49 somebody who's from CAS,
05:50 we're gonna have very totally different careers,
05:53 but we understand what it means to be a community member.
05:57 <v ->This is part of our story as an institution, right?</v
06:01 How was Suffolk founded?
06:04 And this idea of of paying it forward.
06:07 That's the work that CCE is doing and will continue to do.
06:12 It's part of who we are and it's a real important piece
06:16 of our history and our future.
06:20 <v Carolina>My hope is that the Center</v
06:22 for Community Engagement
06:23 continues to provide a home for students
06:26 that are passionate about community,
06:28 adapts and provides an opportunity for the community
06:30 to get to know our students and how wonderful they are.
06:34 <v Lina>Like I continue to find ripples of impact</v
06:37 that have driven the work I'm doing
06:39 in our ripples of impact that I'm creating, right,
06:42 as an individual or through the entities that I work with.
06:44 And so that means that little SOUL seed
06:47 that was planted in 2009 when I came in is still going.
06:50 And not only does it keep going, it keeps coming back.
06:53 It is a never ending impact.
06:55 (upbeat music)

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