In our accelerated dual degree program, earn your JD and LLM in Taxation in the same three-year (day students) or four-year period (evening) required for obtaining just a law degree.

Federal tax law is complex and detailed. Students who intend to focus their practice in taxation or who wish to practice in the corporate, business planning, estate planning, or financial sectors must have in-depth knowledge of multiple areas of federal tax law. Acquiring an LLM in taxation is typically necessary and certainly always adds value to a student intending to practice in these areas.

About the Accelerated Dual Degree Program

The heart of the program is an intensive 12-credit, 10-week summer program that allows Suffolk Law students to obtain a tax LLM and a JD in the same three-year period (day students) or four-year period (evening students) required for obtaining only a law degree. At graduation, successful students would receive both a JD and LLM degree.

In addition to the summer session, tax LLM students must take an additional eight credits of required courses and six credits of electives.

The tax LLM program also will be available for students who are currently enrolled at another law school, or who have already completed law school at Suffolk or elsewhere. These students will generally need to take tax courses in addition to the intensive summer to have the same total tax law education as Suffolk students simultaneously obtaining a JD and tax LLM.

Download a copy of our Accelerated LLM in Taxation brochure.

How to Apply

New applicants to the Law School should apply for the JD/Tax LLM through LSAC. Our application checklist has more details.

Current Suffolk JD students who would like to apply for the Tax LLM should use this application [PDF].

Student Learning Outcomes - Adopted by the Suffolk University Law School Faculty in May 2019

Students who graduate with an LLM in Taxation degree will:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. tax system, law, and procedures.