Study at NUI Galway, Ireland

Suffolk University Law School has a partnership with the National University of Ireland at Galway (NUI Galway)! Located on the scenic west coast of Ireland, NUI-Galway is a prestigious research university and an integral part of the Irish national university system.

Under the partnership, Suffolk law students will be able to study international and comparative law in Galway under the supervision of Suffolk Law professor and guest lecturers from NUI-Galway and other institutions in Ireland, earning three law school credits. The program will run from May 18 through June 1; summer 2019 courses will cover:

  • Selected Topics in Criminal Justice: Comparative Perspectives of Irish and American Law Professor Rosanna J. Cavallaro
  • Global Entities and Global Markets Professor Joseph A. Franco
  • 9113 A: The Irish Legal System

Students will have the opportunity to visit institutions of local legal culture, and interact with their Irish peers. Galway is a thriving college town, with great vitality in music and performing arts.

As the academic program will be over by early to mid June, participants are strongly urged to pursue internships or other legal work for the rest of the summer. Students interested in  internship placement in Ireland or other international locations should contact international internship director, Professor Christine Bustany, early in the process. All such internships can be completed for credit.

Details and Registration


  • May 15: Arrive in Galway
  • May 16: Program Begins
  • May 18: Classes Begin
  • May 29: Classes End
  • May 30: Leave Galway


First and second year JD day students and second and third year evening JD students with a GPA of 2.67 and in academic good standing. Students with a lower GPA may submit a petition to participate in the program.

Please fill out our Online Registration Form to apply.

Applications are due by March 18, 2020.

For further information about the program and application, please review this informational packet.

Questions or requests? Contact Professor Sara Dillon, International Law.