Practice Ready

LPS is a required first-year course where students hone their writing, analysis, research, and oral advocacy skills. The knowledge, skills, and experience that employers demand the most are gained in this year-long course and provide the foundation for students to be successful lawyers.

Providing Practice and Feedback

Through numerous assessments of competencies, critical for success in the legal profession, students apply the skills they learn in a practice setting and receive individual feedback on their work.


Suffolk’s LPS faculty teach timeless fundamentals using exciting innovations through creative teaching methods. They are at the forefront of technology in and out of the classroom, such as the award-winning podcasts; clickers; YouTube videos; and Twitter.


The LPS team of experienced faculty members are lawyers and scholars who serve as leaders in legal writing education. They present around the country, publish books and articles, and hold influential offices in key legal writing organizations, including The Legal Writing Institute and The Association of Legal Writing Directors.

1L Materials