Student Employment

Interested students should note:

Students are responsible for arranging employment. Once hired, the student must contact the Law School Office of Financial Aid to obtain the contract, work authorization, and payroll documents necessary to begin employment. Please note that a student may not begin work until all required paperwork has been received, processed, and approved by the Law School Office of Financial Aid.

Student Employment Opportunities

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is offered only for the summer with applications available through the Law School Office of Financial Aid early each spring semester. You may research employment opportunities while your application is reviewed. You are not required to have a position in order to apply. The Federal Government provides 75% of the student’s salary and the employing agency must provide the 25% share. Awards are made to students intending to work in public service, government, or non-profit agencies. Often these agencies do not have the 25% to contribute, so students are encouraged to research the Suffolk Public Interest Law Group’s (SPILG) domestic fellowship program to supplement the 25% share.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for both the current and the next academic year must be received by the Student Financial Services by March 1st for consideration. Students should note that they cannot receive both credit and compensation for work performed under the FWS program.   Summer FWS is only available from Suffolk University Law School for students to work in one of the following states: Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Washington.

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Suffolk Law School Employment

Suffolk University Law School provides funding for a limited number of student Teaching Assistants (TA) and Research Assistants (RA) positions.

The TA and RA Programs provide selected students with paid employment opportunities for working directly with faculty members in teaching classes and conducting scholarly research.

  • Teaching Assistants (TA) - assist faculty with the teaching and administration of law school courses. Faculty members work with their TAs in a variety of ways. Student TAs may be asked to assist with creating, reviewing, and providing feedback on student assignments; conducting discussion and review sessions; holding office hours for students; and performing research on course-related issues. Students may work a maximum of 10 hours per week.
  • Research Assistants (RA) – assist faculty members with their scholarly research and writing. Student RAs may be asked by faculty to research case law and secondary literature; prepare bibliographies; write research memoranda; perform cite-checking and Blue-booking tasks; and proofread or edit manuscripts. Students may work a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Students may participate in the TA and RA Programs after their first year. TA and RA selections are typically made by direct faculty invitation. From time-to-time, some faculty members may seek applications from qualified students by advertising available positions on the Law School website.

Law Library

Employment opportunities may be available to law students. Interested students should contact the law library circulation desk or click on the student worker application tab, under library news and events on the law library's website.

Law Academic Computer Lab

Interested students should speak with Jose Gonzalez in the Computer Lab regarding employment opportunities.

Fellowships in Public Service and Public Interest

The Consumer Law Public Service Fellowship is offered throughout the academic year and in the summer. Check the Suffolk University Law School website – Public Service Fellowships & Scholarships - for a listing of additional fellowships offered to support public service employment during the summer and after graduation.