New QR Code Check-in Option for Study Rooms

For added convenience, law students can now check into study rooms by going directly to the study room you reserved and scanning the QR code on the wall inside the study room.  To check in with the QR code, you’ll need to agree to share your location.  If you prefer, you can continue to check in by going to the dedicated check-in terminals located on the 6thfloor of the Moakley Law Library.

As always, if you do not check in within 30 minutes of your reservation time, the study room will automatically go back into the system for other law students to reserve.

Study rooms on the 6th& 7thfloors of the law library are for current law students only.

If you have any questions regarding the check-in process, please speak to a staff member at the circulation & reserve desk on the 6thfloor.