Law Faculty Initiatives Fund

Faculty are invited to submit proposals for new initiatives and projects. Approved projects are funded by the Faculty Initiatives Fund Program. If approved, you will be contacted by the FIF Coordinator to review your project's needs and budget.

The Faculty Initiatives Fund (FIF) provides support for faculty-driven projects that advance the Law School’s mission. The program is intended to foster a broad range of initiatives that enhance faculty scholarship, teaching, student learning, inclusion or intellectual life, including initiatives that promote the Law School’s engagement with or service to the legal profession or the broader community.

While a broad variety of proposals will be considered, requests to invite an individual outside speaker to give a lecture or talk should generally be submitted to the Scholarship and Intellectual Engagement Committee.

The size of individual grants will depend on the nature of the proposed initiative. There is no absolute limit on award size, but funding for a proposal will not typically exceed $7,500. Grant recipients will be required to provide a brief year-end report on the events or activities funded.

For 2022-2023: In addition to the types of proposals that have been approved in prior years, this year we also welcome proposals that seek to promote faculty interaction with students, such as a series of lunches or coffees with small groups of students in a large class, get-togethers with 1L advisees, or gatherings around a shared interest or affinity. Please provide as much detail as you can about how you will use your funding, including your total estimated costs and the number of students you hope will participate.


Proposals may be submitted for projects to take place in the current or following academic year. Proposals for funding in the current academic year should be submitted by October 15. Proposals for next academic year should be submitted by March 15. Proposals received after these deadlines will continue to be considered on a rolling basis as long as funds remain available.

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