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I understand that this request applies only to the course and semester(s) listed above and that a TA approved pursuant to this request may not be used for any other course or semester without independent approval.*

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I would like a TA for pay, but will accept a TA for credit if funding is not available

-Paid TAs are eligible to work for a maximum of 8 hours per week. TAs may begin working on the first day of an academic semester and must end work on the last day of the Reading Period.
-TAs who concurrently hold work study or research assistant positions may not be eligible to work the full 8 hours as your TA.

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The TA will work in one of the following courses: Contracts, Property, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law or Torts.
The TA will work in one of the following courses: Legal Analysis & Methods, Evidence, Trusts & Estates, Business Entity Fundamentals, Commercial Law Survey, Commercial Paper, Commercial Sales, Secured Transactions, Constitutional Law/Criminal Procedure, Family Law.

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