Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-573-8271). They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-305-1744.

The part-time faculty office is located on the 8th floor of 73 Tremont Street.

Part-Time Faculty

Jamie Bondar
Senior Lecturer
MA, Villanova University

Olivia Kate Cerrone
MFA, New York University 

Paul Grabianowski
Senior Lecturer
MA, University of Tulsa        

Gail Hanlon
Senior Lecturer
MA, University of Iowa

Suzanne John
Director of Academic & Instructional Services, NESAD
MFA, Emerson College
Phone: 617-994-4234

Jimmy Johnson
Senior Lecturer
PhD, Harvard University

Lynne Larson
Senior Lecturer
PhD, Boston University

Gregory Lawless
Senior Lecturer
MFA, University of Iowa

Hilary Nanda
Senior Lecturer
PGTC, University of London

Mark Sanford
Senior Lecturer
ALM, Harvard University
AM, Tufts University

George Scala
Senior Lecturer
MA, Northeastern University

Anita Sharma
Senior Lecturer
JD, Suffolk University Law School

Deanna Stanford
Senior Lecturer
MEd, Suffolk University

Erik Sullivan
Senior Lecturer
MA, University of Florida

Susan Sullivan
Senior Lecturer
MA, Lehigh University

Rosemarie C. Sultan
Senior Lecturer
MFA, Goddard College

Gerard Waggett
Senior Lecturer
MA, University of Massachusetts

Brooks Winchell
Senior Lecturer
MFA, Lesley University