The Diagnostic – A Graduation Requirement

Knowing what you don't know is a good place to start planning bar study strategy.

All students are required to take the diagnostic and achieve a score of 50 or higher before graduating from the law school. This Diagnostic contains 120 Multiple choice questions covering contracts, civil procedure, criminal law, real property, and torts and should be completed in approximately 3 hours. It is designed to assess four essential skills necessary for success on the Bar Exam: (1) knowledge of the law, (2) critical reading skills, (3) analytical skills, and (4) the ability to apply the law to resolve hypothetical legal problems. The Diagnostic will isolate your strengths and weaknesses across these four key areas.

Full time JD, HJD, and AJD student should take it at the end of their first year and part-time JD and HJD students should take it at the end of their second year. The exam is offered online in May and August for a two-week period. Upon successful completion of the diagnostic each student will receive an individualized score report and an opportunity to meet with a bar advisor to discuss their performance and identify courses they should take before graduation. Students who score below a 50 must meet with a bar advisor and retake the diagnostic at the next administration.