Examination Reschedule Request - SPRING

It is expected that students will take their examinations as scheduled. However, we realize that the change to 24-hour exam windows and the myriad of extraordinary circumstances many students are facing this semester may make it necessary to request an exam reschedule or postponement. This semester, adjustments to a student’s exam schedule will be made for the following reasons:

  1. A student has 2 exams that are scheduled to start within a 24-hour period. In such a case, the student may request that the second exam of the two be due 24 hours after the first exam is due. (For example, if a student has a 9:30am Tax exam and a 2pm Trust & Estates exam on a Saturday, the student may request permission to submit the Trust & Estates exam by 9:30am on Monday.)  
  2. A student has 3 exams that are scheduled to start within one 71-hour period. In addition to the relief available above (if applicable), the student may request permission to submit the third exam 24-hours after the adjusted due date/time of the second exam.
  3. A student is experiencing an extraordinary personal matter or emergency situation which presents an unavoidable conflict with the exam schedule or the student experiences a mid-exam situation making the due date/time an undue hardship. Examples of extraordinary personal matters or emergencies  include issues relating to a student’s health, family care obligations, extraordinary work obligations and severe problems with technology needed to complete an exam.  Documentation will be required for this type of request. Not all emergency situations are easily documented.  In these situations, the Dean of Students Office will offer the student an alternate means of verifying their circumstances.
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Examination Make-up Dates

Wednesday, April 29 @ 6:00pm
Saturday, May 2 @ 2:00pm
Tuesday, May 5 @ 6:00pm
Saturday, May 9 @ 9:30am

(Examinations that are rescheduled qualify for Examsoft use on a limited basis - DECEMBER and MAY ONLY). Students who reschedule an examination will be eligible to use Examsoft for the rescheduled examination provided the missed examination is rescheduled to the make-up date immediately following the originally scheduled examination (December and May exams only). Please refer to the current examination schedule to determine eligibility.