Senior Locker Reservation Extension

You have successfully filed to extend the use of your locker past graduation and until no later than March 1st for January graduates and August 1st for May graduates. Should you vacate the locker before March 1st (for January graduates) or August 1st (for May graduates), please notify Security and the Office of Academic Services. You are asked to continue to access your Suffolk University email account throughout the extended time.

January graduates must remove locker contents by March 1, May graduates by June 1, and September graduates by September 1. Contents not removed will be considered abandoned property, will be removed from locker, and disposed of.

When you clear out your locker, please notify Security. This locker may not be transferred or exchanged with any other student. Thank you!

Please contact the Office of Academic Services should you have any questions or concerns at 617-573-8160.

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