Accelerated Jd/MBA

Business and law. A degree in one will help you specialize. A degree in both will set you apart from the crowd. Now, more than ever, having a solid foundation of business acumen and knowledge can go a long way. Bringing that business knowledge together with your law degree not only increases your versatility in the job market, but also expands your career options and open doors outside the traditional legal pathways.
Suffolk offers a unique Accelerated MBA for Attorneys degree program, specifically for graduates of ABA-approved law schools. Earn your degree from the #3 ranked MBA program per Lawyer’s Weekly Reader Rankings 2017 at our downtown Boston campus or at your convenience Online. Get your accelerated MBA on a full-time or part-time basis taking 37 credit hours of MBA-level courses through the Sawyer Business School. 

Arm yourself with invaluable business knowledge that will compliment your legal degree and open up a world of opportunities. 

MBA for Lawyers Degree Program

From financial aid and curriculum to admission requirements and internships. All you need to know about the Accelerated MBA for Lawyers. 
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