Accelerator-to-Practice Program

“Accelerate Your Legal Career”

What Is the Accelerator-to-Practice Program?

The Accelerator-to-Practice Program is the first of its kind comprehensive three-year course of study and practice designed to prepare graduates to join or start sustainable law practices serving average-income individuals and families. To create practice-ready graduates, the program includes the creation of a law practice within the Law School (the Accelerator Practice) to train students to be competent lawyers within three years.

How Does It Work?

Successful applicants are admitted into a specialized track of instruction that includes an expanded professional development and skills curriculum, technological training, supervised internships, associate-level work in the Accelerator Practice, and career development and practice supports.

Why the Accelerator?

Two reasons. First, there is great opportunity for lawyers to build rewarding careers servicing the untapped market of millions of Americans in need of legal services who cannot afford traditional law firm high fees. Second, we believe law school should provide students the training they need to be lawyers, and do what lawyers do, during their three years in law school, and not expect clients to pay law firms to train graduates.

Accelerator Students Learn to:

  • Argue cases in court
  • Counsel clients
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Develop law firm marketing plans
  • Build professional networks needed to get referral business
  • Leverage technology to provide cost-effective legal service
  • Join or build a viable law practice

Meet Our Students

Gerald Glover blogs about his 3L year in the Accelerator Practice, the in-house law practice located within the law school.

Read journal article, "Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Three-Year Accelerator-to-Practice Program as a Market-Based Solution for Legal Education," by Professors Pokorak and Seidman and Associate Dean Slater. (Flipbook)

Our Sponsor

The CATIC Foundation, Inc. is the charitable arm of CATIC Financial, Inc., and provides support to non-profit entities engaged in legal education, including the Accelerator-to-Practice program.

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