Supreme Court Clinic

The Supreme Court Clinic is a one-semester clinic offered for 5 graded credits (2 credits seminar and 3 experiential). Student-Attorneys will represent low-income individuals and non-profits in matters before appellate courts including the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the First Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court, depending on case and client needs. The clinic will initially focus on Amicus Curiae filings and opposition to certiorari petitions. Students will work in “law firm” teams of four which will each be initially assigned 2 cases. Students will work with substantive law experts on the case issues, draft pleadings, edit each other’s work, maintain client relationships including client brief approval processes, and work with courts to insure appropriate representation of their client’s position(s).

Students enrolled in the Clinic are required to attend a weekly two-hour seminar taught by Professor Pokorak covering relevant substantive areas of the work, advocacy skills, professional practice and ethical issues that arise in the appellate context. Students also must either be co-enrolled in or have successfully completed an Appellate Advocacy course. Students are also required to work well in collaborative team contexts, attend weekly supervision meetings, and write bi-weekly journal entries which will be used to critically reflect on their clinic experiences. Students are required to spend at least 13 hours per week (averaged) engaged in the legal work of the Clinic beyond the time required for the seminar and supervision meetings. If you have any questions please contact Professor Jeffrey Pokorak at