Clinical Faculty & Staff

Clinical Faculty

William Berman 
Clinical Professor (Accelerator), Housing Discrimination Testing Program/Accelerator Practice

Sarah Boonin 
Clinic Professor (Health Law) & Director of Clinical Programs 

Chris Dearborn 
Clinical Professor (Defenders)

Maritza Karmely
Clinical Professor (Family Advocacy)

James Matthews
Clinical Professor (Accelerator)

Kim McLaurin
Associate Dean of Experiential Education, Clinical Professor (Juvenile Defenders)

Christina Miller
Assistant Clinical Professor (Prosecutors)

Jeffrey Pokorak
Professor of Law (Supreme Court Clinic)

Ragini N. Shah 
Clinical Professor (Immigration)

Practitioners in Residence

David Colarusso
Practitioner in Residence  (Law Practice Tech & Innovation) 

Nicole Friederichs
Practitioner in Residence (Human Rights & Indigenous People Rights)

Clinical Adjuncts

Shira Diner (Innocence)

Edward Rice, Supervising Attorney (Accelerator) 

Clinical Fellows

Ashley Grant
Clinical Fellow (HDTP)

Vanessa Hernandez
Clinical Fellow (Juvenile Defenders) 

Catherine LaRaia
Clinical Fellow (HDTP)

Liz Valentin
Clinical Fellow

Kelly Vieira
Clinical Fellow (HDTP)