Clinical Faculty & Staff

Clinical Faculty

William Berman 
Research Professor (Housing Discrimination Testing Program)

Sarah Boonin 
Associate Dean of Experiential Learning & Clinical Professor (Health Law Clinic)

Robert Cox
Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor (Environmental Law & Policy Clinic)

Chris Dearborn 
Clinical Professor (Defenders Clinic)

Rachael Dickson
Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor (Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic)

Maritza Karmely
Clinical Professor (Family Advocacy Clinic)

James Matthews
Assistant Clinical Professor (Accelerator Practice) 

Christina Miller
Associate Clinical Faculty (Prosecutors Program) 

Ragini N. Shah 
Clinical Professor (Immigrant Justice Clinic)

Carlos Teuscher
Assistant Clinical Professor (Transactional Clinic)

Practitioners in Residence

Quinten Steenhuis
Practitioner in Residence (Legal Innovation and Technology Clinic)

David Colarusso
Practitioner in Residence  (Legal Innovation and Technology Clinic) 

Nicole Friederichs
Practitioner in Residence (Human Rights & Indigenous Peoples Clinic) 

Jaime Langowski
Practitioner in Residence (Housing Discrimination Testing Program)

Cara Libman
Practitioner in Residence (Environmental Law & Policy Clinic)

Pon Nokham
Practitioner in Residence (Juvenile Defenders Clinic) 

Mary Sawicki
Practitioner in Residence (Externship Program)

Clinical Adjuncts

Michelle Menken (Innocence Clinic)

Edward Rice, Supervising Attorney (Accelerator Practice) 

Clinical Fellows

Ashley Grant
Clinical Fellow (Housing Discrimination Testing Program) 

Stacy Daniel
Clinical Fellow (Housing Discrimination Testing Program)

Kate Gannon
Clinical Fellow (Health Law Clinic)

Victoria Miranda
Clinical Fellow (Human Rights & Indigenous Peoples Clinic)

Shannon Rand
Clinical Fellow (Family Advocacy Clinic) 

Paige Stopperich
Clinical Fellow (Housing Discrimination Testing Program)

Liz Valentin
Clinical Fellow (Health Law Clinic)

Kelly Vieira
Clinical Fellow (Housing Discrimination Testing Program)