Health & Biomedical Student Opportunities

All Health and Biomedical Law Concentration students are encouraged to complete an externship or related clinical program as part of the concentration. Students may apply up to 4 credits from participation in an externship or the Health Law Clinic toward the elective course requirements of the concentration.


Externships connected with the Health and Biomedical Law Concentration allow students to participate, under faculty supervision, in a variety of professional legal environments, including the general counsels' offices of area hospitals, biotechnology companies and independent research facilities and laboratories. Externship opportunities may also be available in the District Court system (in guardianship and civil commitment proceedings), in law firms specializing in the health and biomedical law field, in appropriate committees of the Massachusetts Legislature and in the state agencies having jurisdiction in the area, such as the Departments of Public Health and Mental Health. Externships will be offered subject to the availability of openings for law students in the various offices.

Externships must be approved by the externship director; the administrative director of concentrations and the Health and Biomedical Law Concentration faculty director.

Health Law Clinic

Participation in the Health Law Clinic may be counted toward the elective course requirements of the Health and Biomedical Law Concentration.  Students must apply to join the full-year Health Law Clinic prior to the academic semester during which the clinical program will be taken.

National Health Law Moot Court Team

Students interested in getting practical skills through a competition setting, are encouraged to participate in the National Health Law Moot Court Team.

Opportunities for team members include working collaboratively as part of a team, planning and writing an appellate brief, developing coherent legal theories and persuasive arguments to support and advocacy position and receiving feedback from diverse faculty and practitioners.

Student Groups

Health & Biomedical Law Society

Disability Law Advocates

Journal of Health & Biomedical Law

This student-edited journal seeks to advance academic discussion of the challenging, fast-paced, and rapidly expanding field of health and biomedical law.