International Law Concentration

How to Enroll

Enrollment in the International Law Concentration is accomplished by filing a Notice of Enrollment form.

Concentration enrollment may occur as soon as a student completes the first year in law school in good standing.

The latest date students may enroll in a Concentration is October 1 for students graduating in January, and February 1 for students graduating in May.

Formal enrollment in the International Law Concentration is not complete until the Notice of Enrollment form is filed. Once enrolled in the Concentration, students will be invited to participate in a variety of programs and special events of interest to international law practitioners.  


Continued enrollment in the International Law Concentration is contingent upon the student:

  • Completing the two required core courses;
  • Completing such other Concentration skills and elective credits so that it is possible to complete the required 18 credits in approved International Law Concentration courses by the time the student graduates;
  • Periodically reviewing the student's progress in attaining the requisite grade point averages with one of the Concentration Faculty Director(s) and/or the Assistant Dean for Academic Services.
  • Obtaining the Concentration Faculty Directors' approval of the student's plan for completing the Concentration's writing requirement.

Upon completion of the required courses, elective courses, the writing requirement and total credit hours required by the International Law Concentration, students must complete and file a Notice of Concentration Completion form with the Office of Academic Services.

The latest date students may file Concentration Completion forms is November 1 for January graduates, and March 1 for May graduates.


Three (3) course credits will be given for participation in the International Internship Program. No more than three (3) internship credits and no more than a total of five (5) credits of ungraded activities (including any internship) may be used towards satisfying the elective course requirements of the Concentration.

Internships must be approved by the internship director, the administrative director of concentrations, and the International Law Concentration faculty director(s).


The current Clinical Programs which may be used International Law Concentration credit are:

  • Immigration Law Clinic
  • Indigenous Peoples' Rights Clinic

Participation in these clinics requires application and acceptance prior to the academic semester during which the clinical program will be taken. Please take note of the clinic eligibility requirements.

Students may apply up to five (5) credits from participation in these Clinics toward the elective course requirements of the Concentration.