Suffolk Law’s 3+3 Program allows eligible undergraduates at partner institutions to apply to law school in their junior year of college.

Students admitted under the 3+3 Program fulfill their senior year of undergraduate credits through the successful completion of their first year law school courses, allowing them to graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and law degree in just six years, saving a year of tuition and related costs.


Pursuant to Suffolk Law’s 3+3 policy, an applicant must be in his or her junior year at an undergraduate institution with which Suffolk Law has a 3+3 agreement.  Applicants must also meet his or her undergraduate institution’s criteria for eligibility and all admissions standards in place at Suffolk University Law School. Each undergraduate institution determines which majors and programs are eligible for participation. Applicants are responsible for determining the requirements set by their undergraduate institution.

Partner Institutions

Application Requirements

3+3 candidates are considered for admission alongside Suffolk Law’s regular pool of applicants and must meet the requirements set forth in the agreement between the student's undergraduate school and Suffolk Law.

In addition to being an eligible junior at one of Suffolk Law’s partner institutions, applicants must submit:

  1. Valid score from the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) by the relevant 3+3 deadline as set by partner undergraduate institution, which is typically March 15
  2. Completed law school application and all other required application materials (see requirements listed on How to Apply)
  3. Certification of eligibility from current undergraduate school stating that your undergraduate school will grant a bachelor’s degree upon your successful completion of Suffolk Law’s first-year law courses


Typically March 15 of the calendar year in which the student hopes to matriculate at the Law School, however application deadlines are set forth in each partner school’s agreement with Suffolk Law. Applicants are responsible for determining the requirements set by their undergraduate institution.


Students admitted under the 3+3 program will pay tuition only to Suffolk Law.

Next Steps

Students at partner institutions should talk to their school’s 3+3 advisor to determine their eligibility. Contact your advisor early in your college career to allow time to meet your school’s requirements.


Questions about the 3+3 program can be directed to your school’s 3+3 advisor or Tori Barnaskas in Suffolk Law’s Office of Law Admission.