All Rise: Uniting to Advance Women and the Future of Law

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

5:30 – Speaking Program and Awards Ceremony
7:00 – Networking Reception

Suffolk University
Sargent Hall
120 Tremont Street, Boston

Many thanks to those who joined us for our fifth annual All Rise event, where our community networked, united, and honored Suffolk's rich history of alumnae trailblazers and changemakers. The All Rise event celebrates remarkable alumnae who have made lasting impacts in the Suffolk Law community and in the field of law.

Our annual alumnae speaking program was led by partner, Carol Starkey JD'88 and associate, Dayana Donisca JD'21 colleagues from the law firm of Conn Kavanaugh. They hosted a "fireside chat" to discuss the importance of navigating industry challenges and opportunities resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, including strategies to maintain intentional relationships. We also honored this year’s Marian Archer Alumnae Trailblazer and Professor Catherine T. Judge award recipients. 

Our program this year was a hybrid event with attendees joining in-person or virtually.

2022 Award Recipients

Catherine T. Judge Teaching and Service Award

Renée M. Landers
Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Health and Bio Med Law Concentration
and Master’s of Law: Life Sciences Program
View bio [PDF]

Sharmila L. Murthy
Professor and Director of Faculty Scholarship and Research
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Marian Archer "Trailblazer" Award

Hon. Elspeth B. Cypher JD’86
Associate Justice, Supreme Judicial Court, Massachusetts
View bio [PDF]

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Sponsorships of All Rise directly benefit The Catherine T. Judge Scholarship in honor of Suffolk Law’s first full-time female professor, helping students to overcome financial barriers to access Suffolk’s excellent practice-ready legal education.

To learn more about the Judge Scholarship, please email Nancy Galindo-Rodriguez, Director of Corporate Relations and Sponsorships or call 617-573-8454.

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Sargent Hall at sunset

All Rise: Women at Suffolk Law


00:03 The Suffolk Law school really allowed me to find what was right for me, what I was passionate about.

00:09 You will see Suffolk law grads on the bench, you will see them in immigration court, in the government.

00:15 They really permeate every aspect of our society.

00:19 I feel a connection whenever I go because usually I run into someone who went to Suffolk.

00:27 Trailblazers from the first woman lawyer to the women today.

00:31 We have to think back and thank those who created the foundation.

00:35 We're able to further along because they started that path for us.

00:47 Fifty years ago when I started law school there were no women who were there to guide me and there were no men who cared.

00:56 So I just, I made my own way.

00:59 When I graduated, I was one of the first 100 women practicing law in the State of Vermont.

01:04 When I started in the field, there were very few, only a handful of women.

01:09 So I'd look around in the criminal court and I'd be the only woman there.

01:12 Suffolk was the door that opened for them and made everything else possible.

01:17 Suffolk gave me an opportunity, an aim and a goal. I think that's huge.

01:25 You look at a law school yearbook from the 1960s, you might see one or two women in that yearbook.

01:30 Now half of the class was female and that's because of the people that came before us.

01:34 It's real important for people to see what is possible. 

01:42 When I was in law school, Professor Judge was the only woman at Suffolk, and I was in class with 300.

01:48 I was 1 of 5 women in 300. It was reassuring to see a woman professor.

01:55 She showed by example what a female could accomplish.

02:00 Katherine was amazing. At first as a student you terrified of her and then you slowly but surely began to realize that she was so devoted,

02:09 so dedicated to teaching and so prepared.

02:13 She shaped me as a lawyer. She was always famous for saying in our contracts class what's your authority?

02:20 So I learned that if you're going to argue both sides, you better have authority to back up your argument.

02:25 She was tough, she was indomitable. She was really an extraordinary woman. 

02:39 It was a practical learning experience. They really taught you how to think practically, how to think logically.

02:46 And I felt comfortable in the courtroom from the beginning, and I feel like my training at Suffolk provided that to me.

02:52 Women of Suffolk law are so much better prepared in terms of joining the legal practice.

02:59 As a result, they are influencing the rule of law, they are influencing the way justice is administered and that is so essential to our society and our democracy.

03:09 We're still blazing trails.

03:11 We are the instrument and authors of change.

03:15 I am very proud to be a Suffolk law graduate.

03:19 I give back to Suffolk because I love this law school and I love this city.

03:24 It makes me feel like I'm doing something meaningful to help the next generation.

03:30 Our time has come to rise up and be heard.

03:34 The phrase all rise to me means all of us rising up together to help women advance in opportunities for leadership.

03:45 I really see Suffolk as a place where we are given that chance to rise up.

03:49 Suffolk law has so much to offer in terms of who you can be and women have done so much. We should celebrate that.

Event Advisory Committee

Event Chair:
Tamela E. Bailey JD'04

Sarah Camougis JD'92
Tierney Chadwick JD’03
Honorable Joan N. Feeney (Ret.) JD'78
Sofia Martinez Guasch JD'22
Paulette Marie JD’88
Susan M. Myers JD'91
Honorable Amy Nechtem JD’85
Carol A. Starkey JD’88
Regina C. Sullivan JD'88
Cara Thompson JD’10
Cherina Wright MBA’17, JD’17
Mahvish Zakaib JD'22