Portrait of Patricia M. Annino

Patricia M. Annino JD’81

Rimon Law
Boston, MA

“I think the direction [Dean Perlman] is taking is energizing the Law School. It’s a critical time to support students.”

Portrait of Gerry D’Ambrosio, Esq.

Gerry D’Ambrosio JD’93

Founder & Managing Partner
D'Ambrosio Brown LLP. 
Boston, MA

Joy L. Backer, JD'15

Joy L. Backer JD'15


Portrait of Abdellatif Banaja

Abdellatif Banaja JD ’16

Osama Al Yamani Law Office
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Alexander Bove, JD'67

Alexander A. Bove, Jr. JD'67

Bove & Langa P.C.

Barry Cosgrove, JD '85

Barry Cosgrove, JD'85

Chairman and CEO
Blackmore, LLC
Laguna Beach, CA

Portrait of Gerard DiFiore, Esq.

Gerard DiFiore JD’84

Reed Smith LLP
New York, NY

Portrait of Christine Newman Garvey

Christine Newman Garvey JD’72

Global Head of Corporate Real Estate and Services (retired)
Deutsche Bank AG

Portrait of Ken Gear

Ken Gear JD’95

Chief Executive Officer
Leading Builders of America (LBA)
Washington D.C.

Portrait of Marc S. Geller

Marc S. Geller JD’71

Vice President
Cedar Crossing Management, LLC
Houston, TX

Portrait of Joseph W. Glannon

Joseph W. Glannon

Professor of Law
Suffolk University Law School
Boston, MA

Portrait of Ernst Guerrier, Esq.

Ernst Guerrier BA’91, JD’94

Guerrier & Associates PC
Boston, MA

“Suffolk has done more for me than I could ever do for it. Those who can pay the debt forward really need to step up and get into the habit of contributing.”

Portrait of George N. Keches, Esq.

George N. Keches JD’75

Senior and Founding Partner
Keches Law Group/Keches Realty, LLC
Taunton, MA

Portrait of Warren G. Levenbaum

Warren G. Levenbaum JD'72

Founding Partner
Levenbaum Trachtenberg
Phoenix, AZ

Portrait of Konstantinos Ligris, Esq.

Konstantinos Ligris JD’01

Founder & CEO
Ligris + Associates, PC
Newton, MA

“Alumni who want a voice in the school’s future have a duty to give back in terms of advice, financial support and strong feedback.”

Portrait of Deborah Marson, Esq.

Deborah Marson JD’78

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Iron Mountain Inc.
Boston, MA

Portrait of Michael J. McCormack, Esq.

Michael J. McCormack JD’72

The McCormack Firm, LLC
Boston, MA

Portrait of Brian E. McManus

Brian E. McManus JD'71

McManus Capital Management
Fort Worth, TX

Portrait of Rob Noonan

Rob Noonan JD’85

Regional Managing Partner - Tax

Portrait of Eric J. Parker, Esq.

Eric J. Parker JD’86

Co-founder and Managing Partner
Parker Scheer, LLP
Boston, MA

“The legal market is radically different than it was when I came up; we need to work together to help our school and our graduates adapt to the new normal. We all need to step up here.”

Portrait of Jamie Sasson, Esq.

Jamie Sasson JD’04

Managing Partner
The Ticktin Law Group
Boca Raton. FL

Portrait of Lewis A. Sassoon, Esq.

Lewis A. Sassoon JD’69

Founding Partner
Sassoon & Cymrot LLP
Boston, MA

“As the legal market—nationally and for our graduates—is changing, I reached out to the dean and I said, ‘We need some jet fuel here to help propel our graduates—help them get an edge.’ That idea became really contagious.”

Portrait of Janis B. Schiff, Esq.

Janis B. Schiff JD’83

Holland & Knight, LLP
Washington, DC

Portrait of Alan B. Sharaf, Esq.

Alan B. Sharaf JD’87

Sharaf & Maloney P.C.
Brookline, MA

Wayne E. Smith BSBA'77 JD'82

Adjunct Professor
Firm Director
Deloitte Tax LLP (ret.)

Thomas M. Sullivan JD '94

Founding partner
Lando & Anastasi, LLP
Boston, MA

Portrait of Kenneth J. Vacovec, Esq.

Kenneth J., Vacovec JD’75

Senior Partner
Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer
Newton, MA