Final Exam Policy

All students are expected to take final examinations according to the schedule published by the Registrar’s Office.

If a student is unable to take a final exam due to illness or other extenuating circumstance, the student must contact the faculty member immediately to report the absence and contact the Student Affairs Office. Travel arranged before the end of semester is not a legitimate reason for requesting a deferred or rescheduled exam. The student must submit supporting documentation of the illness or extenuating circumstances to the Student Affairs office who will inform the faculty member if the absence is legitimate. Arrangements for the make-up of a final examination should be made between the student and the course instructor so that the examination can be taken as soon as possible after the completion of the course. The Student Affairs Office is available to proctor the exam if necessary.

At the faculty member’s discretion, the student may be granted an Incomplete to make-up the test at a date after the published date.

If a student has 3 or more exams scheduled on the same day, the student should first contact his/her instructor and request a change of date for one of their exams.

If the instructor is unable to accommodate the request, the student should contact the Student Affairs Office.