Recording Class Lectures

Suffolk University prohibits the recording of class lectures or other university events, by any means, absent the express consent of the professor or meeting host. Students who record class lectures without express permission may be subject to disciplinary action.

Students who have the express consent of a professor to record a class must make their own arrangements to record the class. University Media Services (UMS) is not available to record classes for individual students.

Unless otherwise expressly permitted by the professor, permission to record a class applies exclusively to the student who received permission from the professor. The recording may not be accessed or utilized by any other individual. No replication of the recording may be made without the express permission of the professor.

Any professor may make any changes to the procedure regarding the recording of his or her own classes.

Students who are requesting recording of classes under the Americans with Disabilities Act must contact Disability Services.

In accordance with the above policy, all students should be aware that any class, and discussions held therein, may be subject to recording.