Joint Responsibility

As a college community, all members of the community are expected to uphold University policies as a “joint responsibility.” The following is expected of all students:

All students present in an area on or off-campus may be jointly responsible for inappropriate conduct that occurs in that area even if the student is not directly participating in the conduct. Therefore, if a student is present or enters an area where inappropriate conduct is occurring, the student should immediately leave and report the conduct to a resident assistant, SUPD or other authority. Otherwise, by choosing to remain or not report the behavior, the student assumes responsibility for the behavior. As such, any student who is present in any area where a University policy is violated may be subject to the same disciplinary action(s) as the student(s) engaging in the inappropriate behavior.

Additionally, students are responsible for what happens in their on or off-campus rooms, suites, apartments or other areas under their control. If a student is a resident of an area, the student may be held responsible for the conduct that occurs in that area regardless of their presence unless it is clearly demonstrated that the student had no knowledge of or did not contribute to or condone the behavior.

Members of the University community are responsible at all times for their guests’ actions, conduct, and compliance with the University policies and may be subject to the Student Conduct System for the failure of their guests to abide by the University policies.