Late Course Withdrawal

A student may petition for an individual Late Course Withdrawal from a course for extenuating medical or personal circumstances. This request must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office with complete medical or personal documentation so the petition can be considered prior to the close of the term in which the course is taken. If documentation is not submitted, the petition will not be considered. The student is encouraged to meet with the dean of students, or designee, if possible. A dean in the Student Affairs Office will review the request and will approve or deny the petition.

The student may appeal the dean’s decision within 2 days of notification from the dean that the Late Course Withdrawal request has been denied. The appeal decision will be emailed to the student’s Suffolk University email account and it is the student’s responsibility to check the account. The appeal will be reviewed by the Late Course Withdrawal Appeals Committee which may include representatives from Student Affairs, the Registrar’s Office, Student Accounts, Student Financial Services, Disability Services, Counseling, Health & Wellness and a representative from the student’s school or college. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

The University’s Refund Policy will determine refunds for withdrawals from courses once the term has begun. Please contact Student Accounts at 617-573-8407 for information about the Refund Policy.