Self-defense Sprays/Mace

Faculty, staff and students eighteen (18) years of age or older, or students under the age of eighteen (18) who possess a valid Firearms Identification (FID) card, may carry self-defense spray (also known as mace, oleo-capsicum spray or pepper spray) in any Suffolk University campus building EXCEPT Suffolk University residence halls.  Any student or staff member who wishes to carry self-defense spray in a Suffolk University residence hall must first register with the Suffolk University Police & Security Department and may be required to complete a Self Defense Spray Familiarization course. Anyone who is required to possess a Firearms Identification card must make the FID card available to the Suffolk University police upon request.


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I hereby request authorization to carry a self-defense spray (also known as mace, oleo-capsicum spray or pepper spray) in the above listed residence hall on Suffolk University property. I understand that by registering to carry self-defense spray I am authorized to possess only one (1) canister of self-defense spray in my residence hall. I understand that the self-defense spray must be kept in a secure location when not in my possession. I understand that I will be subject to discipline under applicable Suffolk University policies in the event that I am found to be in violation of the Suffolk University Weapons policy or found to have maliciously or negligently discharged a self-defense spray canister.
By checking this box, I certify that I have read and understand the Suffolk University Weapons policy.*
*Any applicant under the age of eighteen (18) must possess a valid Firearms Identification (FID) Card and must submit a photo copy of the FID card with this application
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