Chosen Name Policy

Suffolk University recognizes students may prefer to use first names other than their legal first name to identify themselves. Requests for chosen name will be reviewed by the University Registrar to ensure conformity to University chosen name policy.

For student use only: College of Arts and Science, Sawyer Business School, and Suffolk University Law School

Places Where Chosen First Name is Used

Your chosen name will appear in the following University student systems:

  • Canvas
  • MySuffolk
  • Class Rosters
  • Student Advising and Tutoring Platform
  • Student Success Mobile Application
  • Front of the Student ID Card (provided you obtain a new one)
  • Suffolk Email Address

Places Where Legal Name Must Be Used

  • Enrollment Inquiries and Verifications
  • Financial Aid
  • Health, Insurance and Medical Documents and Records
  • International Student Visa Status
  • Official Transcripts
  • Payment/Billing
  • Back of the Student ID Card

Submitting Your Chosen First Name

  • Students submit a request for a chosen name through WebAdvisor.
  • Login to WebAdvisor
  • Select the Chosen Name Request form. Your name as currently on file will display.
  • Enter chosen first name and middle name (note: only middle initial will display in platforms and documents).
  • You will receive a request confirmation. Requests for chosen name will be reviewed by the University Registrar to ensure conformity to University chosen name policy.
  • You will receive a notification within 3 business days from the University Registrar’s Office either confirming or denying your request. Students may challenge a denied chosen name through the Dean of Students whose decision is final.
  • The University reserves the right to deny or remove, with or without notice, a chosen name if it is used for inappropriate purposes including, but not limited to, misrepresentation, use of offensive language, including profanity or language which has the effect of mockery, or avoiding legal obligation. Students will be notified if the chosen name is not accepted.
  • Updating chosen name in student systems identified in the chosen name policy could take upwards of 5 business days.
  • Using or changing a chosen name is not the same as legally changing a name through the courts. Student legal names will remain the same in all University related systems. A student’s chosen name may be disclosed as “directory information” unless the student choses to prevent disclosure of directory information. For further information on the disclosure of directory information, please refer to Suffolk University Guidelines for compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Getting a New Student ID/RAM Card

Students who want a new Suffolk University card with their chosen name, must bring the chosen name approval notification to one of the ID Card Replacement Locations. The first request for a new ID card with your chosen name will be free of charge. After that, the ID Card replacement fee will apply. For more information, details on Student ID Card and Locations are available online.