Have a subject in which you're interested? Find courses, clinics, and internships that will help prepare you for legal practice in that area. 

Areas of Focus identify courses, internships, and extra-curricular activities that are likely to prove advantageous as you prepare for a legal career. Each of the sections has been developed and prepared by faculty members teaching in the practice area, and is aimed at providing guidance and direction to students as they select courses, internships, and pursue other related activities.  

Area of Focus or Concentration?

Areas of Focus are not academic concentrations (which are like a major). All students who successfully complete a concentration receive a Concentration Certificate at graduation, and it will also be noted on the student's Law School transcript.
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Classroom learning is essential for a complete legal education. However, at Suffolk we believe that's only a part of the equation—practice-ready lawyers get real-world experience while in school.

Legal Clinics

Legal clinics are a way for Suffolk Law students to get hands-on experience and try out specific fields across a number of industries. Learn where you may want to practice with our clinics.

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