Real Estate & Land Use

The practice of real estate and land use law encompasses many issues involving the use and transfer of real property as well as its development.

This area of practice builds on the foundation of the study of the acquisition, ownership, and transfer of property both personal and real, including an analysis of ownership concepts, rights of possession, donative transactions, future interests, concurrent interests, landlord and tenant issues, the conveyancing system and governmental regulations that constitute the areas covered in the basic property course. More particularly, those students desiring to practice in this area should continue to understand issues of how the use of land can be regulated by agreement or regulation, including zoning and subdivision control. They also should understand how land transactions are financed, titles secured, and transfers effected. Finally, they need to know how to give effect to a client's desires in these areas and affect the personal, business or public purpose involved in the matter

Courses currently offered in the elective program which may be helpful to students considering a land use and real estate practice include the following: