Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our program? Wondering about whether this program is for you? Curious about career prospects for MSLL grads? See our FAQs.

Career FAQs

No, we do not require a specific educational background or professional experience. This program is intended to provide graduates with the foundation to succeed in the life sciences without a previous background in this area. However, you must hold a bachelor’s degree.

We expect that graduates of the MSLL degree might pursue employment in a variety of positions and roles in the life sciences sector, depending on their individual backgrounds. Examples of potential positions may include the following:  Program/Project Manager, Biotechnology Transactions Attorney, Manager Compliance and Monitoring, Technology Specialist, Contract Manager, Ethics and Compliance Specialist, Regulatory Operations and Publishing, Contracts Negotiator, Product Developer, or Policy Analyst.

This degree will provide you with complementary knowledge and skills in the sciences, business, and legal areas to help you succeed in the life sciences industry.

Depending on your career goals, this degree can assist you in moving into different areas of the life sciences industry, such as compliance, regulatory, or business development.

This program can provide you with a bridge to your future career goals.  If you have decided that a career in research and lab work is not for you, this program can provide you with the knowledge and skills to use your science background in a different area of the life sciences industry.

Application FAQs

Full-time and part-time students will start in the fall semester, which typically starts in the end of August.

The MSLL program accepts applications year-round with rolling admissions. Students can apply at any time, and applications are reviewed as they are received. The priority deadline for applying is May 15.

Students are able to choose the schedule that best fits their needs. A part-time student is expected to complete 6-9 credits a semester, and a full-time student will enroll in 15 credits a semester. 

No, we do not require the LSAT, GRE, or GMAT. However, if you have taken any of those tests in the past, you will be asked to submit the scores and the date of the test with your application materials. 

No work experience is required, although we prefer that an applicant have a minimum of two years of professional experience.

Select applicants will be invited to participate in an interview. No applicant will be admitted into the MSLL program without an interview, but not all applicants will be invited to interview.

We do not set an artificial, enrollment cap. Rather, we are looking for well-qualified students who are genuinely interested in the growing area of life sciences.

Program FAQs

The degree requires 30 credits in total and can be completed in as little as 2 semesters (if studying full-time) or as much as 2 ½ years (if studying part-time). 

Most courses will be held at 4:30PM or later, although some courses will be offered during the day. 

We do not currently offer weekend or online classes, but some courses may be offered in a hybrid or online format in future semesters. 

Select courses may be offered during the summer. 

The answer will depend on your schedule and needs. Part-time students should plan on being in class at least two days a week. Full-time students should plan to be in class 3-4 days a week.

Full-time students are strongly encouraged to complete one MSLL Externship as approved by the Faculty Director and an Associate Dean, unless the student is currently working in a professional capacity in the life sciences sector.

Students in the MSLL follow the Law School Academic Calendar. Please note that the Law School Academic Calendar may change slightly from academic year.

International FAQs

Yes, international students are encouraged to apply to the full-time degree program. Due to visa restrictions, international students are not allowed to pursue a part-time program.

Yes, the MSLL is STEM approved. This designation allows international students to have the eligibility to apply for a 24 month Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension in addition to the standard 12 month OPT training period.

Tuition & Financial Aid FAQs

Tuition costs are listed on the Student Account Services page.

All applicants are automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarships. Applicants do not have to submit a separate application.

Prerequisites & Transfer Credits FAQs

While there are no prerequisites, students may waive out of certain coursework based on prior work and/or educational experience. MSLL students may petition for a waiver of up to and including 9 credits of required MSLL course work upon demonstration of completion of the required subject matter in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited institution in a relevant scientific field. Such study must have been completed within a reasonable period of time before acceptance into the MSLL, and not already counted towards another program or degree. The granting of waivers shall be at the discretion of the Faculty Director and an Associate Dean.

No more than 9 credits may be accepted as Transfer Credits from another similarly accredited MSLL Program or Summer School, a J.D. program, or an advanced degree program in one of the relevant scientific fields towards the MSLL at Suffolk University Law School. Such Transfer Credits must have been earned within a reasonable period of time before acceptance into the MSLL, and not already counted towards another program or degree. The award of Transfer Credits shall be at the discretion of the Faculty Director and an Associate Dean.

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