MSLL Curriculum

MSLL students are required to complete 30 credits of course work. Each course is 3 credits with a total of 10 required courses to earn the degree. All courses are required unless a student can demonstrate prior coursework or relevant experience to permit a waiver.*

Required Courses

Please note that course titles are subject to change. Elective courses may be added as they become available.

All MSLL students follow the Law School Academic Calendar.

* Students may waive out of certain coursework based on prior work or educational experience. MSLL students may petition for a waiver of up to and including 9 credits of required MSLL course work upon demonstration of completion of the required subject matter in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited institution in a relevant scientific field. Such study must have been completed within a reasonable period of time before acceptance into the MSLL, and not already counted towards another program or degree.

The granting of waivers shall be at the discretion of the Faculty Director and an Associate Dean.

"One thing that makes people successful if they're going into industry is the ability to pivot quickly and to be flexible and to take on multiple roles, because we have to respond to what's going on around us."

Katherine Traylor Mahoney, JD ‘11 Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals