Welcome Message from the Faculty Director

With the Master of Science in Law: Life Sciences (MSLL) degree, Suffolk University Law School launches a dynamic program consistent with its mission of supporting lifelong learning and educating professionals for roles in emerging and traditional sectors of the economy.

This program is for:

  • lawyers who need to update and deepen their understanding of science to participate in the sophisticated work of health care and life sciences organizations
  • scientists who need to navigate the legal and regulatory environments in which scientific innovation functions
  • business professionals seeking to acquire an appreciation for relevant scientific and legal concepts
  • new graduates aspiring to acquire the preparation necessary for beginning a career in the health care, high technology, or life sciences sectors

All will be able to learn what they need to know to achieve their career goals. Collaboration with our Suffolk colleagues in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Sawyer Business School make the MSLL program truly interdisciplinary – a hallmark of quality education in the 21st century and Suffolk’s approach to professional training. Planning the courses for this program across the university has been invigorating for the faculty. MSLL students and their future employers will be the beneficiaries of this effort and enthusiasm.

I look forward to welcoming you to a vibrant and enriching learning environment that will accelerate your career development.

Professor Renée M. Landers

Faculty Director of the Health and Biomedical Law Concentration and the Masters of Law: Life Sciences program
Former Deputy General Counsel for the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services

Renee Landers

"It's critically important to set yourselves up for success by having those role models and having people within the industry that can help you understand and migrate through your life path."

Melissa “Missy” Fulton, JD ‘99 President: Chameleon Strategies LLC

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