MA Rule 3:03 and Other Student Practice Certifications

MA Rule 3:03

If you need to be certified under MA SJC Rule 3:03, please read the details and FAQs here.

The requirements and process for Rule 3:03 are often misunderstood.  It is the student’s responsibility to closely read the rule and information available here, as well as to acknowledge, and comply with, the various eligibility requirements and restrictions. 

Once you have reviewed the eligibility criteria and the process, please submit the form or send questions to [email protected].

Important for Rule 3:03 requests

You must fully complete the Student Information and Supervising Attorney Information sections on the form. The Dean of Students Office will complete the Law School and Academic Information. The Dean of Students will be the Dean signing your form if you are eligible.

The Dean of Students Office will send the certification to the SJC clerk’s office, which typically takes about 7-10 days to process a properly completed request. Once you have been certified, you and your supervisor will be notified by the SJC clerk.

You cannot be certified without an eligible attorney supervisor.

You cannot be certified before you reach the enrollment status required for the type of certification you need (see description of next-to-last year certification and senior certification in the FAQs).  Because of this, the law school usually cannot certify students for summer jobs until the school has enough grade information from May exams.

Students approaching their last semester of law school who have not yet been certified should pay particular attention to the restriction set forth in Paragraph 9 of Rule 3:03.

If you already have Rule 3:03 certification and are changing to another Rule 3:03 eligible job or you are changing supervisors, you must submit the Rule 3:03 Amendment form that is available on this page. This should also be submitted to the Dean of Students Office when completed.

If you are in a law school clinic, the clinical program will coordinate the Rule 3:03 process. Please direct any questions about obtaining Rule 3:03 certification for a clinic to the law school’s clinical program.

If you are in the evening division, accelerated JD or dual degree programs, please consult with the Dean of Students Office regarding when you meet the enrollment terms in the rule (next-to-last or senior student.)

Other Jurisdiction Student Practice Certifications

If you need to be certified in another jurisdiction, please submit the form or request to the Dean of Students Office.  It is your responsibility to review the rule for your jurisdiction and to ensure that you understand the eligibility requirements for that jurisdiction.