Second Language Examination Accommodation

Suffolk University Law School may grant exam adjustments to students whose first language is not English. The adjustments are based on an assessment of the student’s English language proficiency and supported by documentation such as proof of national origin (e.g., passport), results of TOEFL examination, or an ESL evaluation. Please note that exam adjustments are granted to allow students whose first language is not English to become acclimated to the law school examination process.

The following criteria assist in establishing the appropriateness of adjustments:

  • Students who attended a secondary school where instruction was primarily or exclusively in English are not eligible.
  • Students who attended a college or university for two or more years where instruction was primarily or exclusively in English are similarly not eligible.

You must submit the second language accommodation form NO LATER THAN SIXTY DAYS prior to the commencement of the examination period for each semester. Students granted a second language accommodation may receive extended time on their in-class examinations. An accommodation of additional time on in-class examinations in subsequent semesters is not automatic.

Please note that second language adjustments are not available for papers, class assignments or oral presentations. In addition, second language adjustments will only be granted for take-home examinations for which the student has less than 24 hours in which to complete the exam (no second language adjustments will apply to take-home exams in which the student has at least 24 hours in which to complete the exam).

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Please be advised that approved accommodations in law school will not qualify students for bar examination accommodations.