Intellectual Property Area of Focus & Concentration

Intellectual Property is available as a Concentration or an Area of Focus. All students who successfully complete the requirements for a Concentration receive a Concentration Certificate at graduation, and it will also be noted on their Law School transcript. In contrast, Areas of Focus are not academic concentrations, and no certificate is available upon graduation.

Area of Focus

The IP Area of Focus is recommended by Suffolk Law faculty to provide guidance to students about courses and extracurricular activities that will help prepare them for legal practice in IP. Students interested in pursuing IP as an Area of Focus do not need to enroll or complete any formal requirements.


In Suffolk Law’s IP concentration and patent law sub-specialty, students get hands-on, skill-focused learning that combines innovative practical clinics with traditional classroom lessons. Suffolk Law’s IP concentration is one of the largest and most developed of its kind in the country with a wealth of courses to address the richness of this diverse field of practice.