Full-time Faculty

Sarah Burstein
Professor of Law
Academic Co-Director, Suffolk Law IP Center
B.A. (Art & Design), Iowa State University
JD, University of Chicago

Rebecca Curtin
Professor of Law
Co-Director Intellectual Property Concentration
Academic Co-Director, Suffolk Law IP Center
A.B., Princeton University
J.D., University of Virginia
Ph.D., Harvard University 

Christopher Gibson
Professor of Law
Director Business & Financial Services Concentration
BA, University of Chicago
MPP, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
JD, University of California, Berkeley 

Stephen Michael McJohn
Professor of Law
BA; JD, Northwestern University

Michael Rustad
Professor of Law
Co-Director Intellectual Property Law Concentration
BA, University of North Dakota
MA, University of Maryland
PhD, Boston College
JD, Suffolk University
LLM, Harvard University

Adjunct Faculty

  • Brian Focarino
    BA, William & Mary
    JD, William & Mary
  • Mark Seeley
    BPh, Grand Valley State University
    JD, Suffolk University
  • John R. Bauer
    BA, St. Mary's University
    Ph.D., Duke University
    JD, Harvard University
  • N. Scott Pierce
    BS, BSE, MBA, University of Connecticut
    JD, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Philip C. Swain
    BS, Tufts University
    JD, Northwestern University
  • Kirk Teska
    BS, Montana State University
    MS, University of Southern California
    JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center

Recent Publications 

Faculty Name List of Publications
Rebecca Curtin
Stephen McJohn
Michael Rustad